El Salvador Medium Roast 1lb

"Belvedere" is the Italian for "nice view," in reference to the two sections of Loma La Gloria where this lot was grown, overlooking the Quetzaltepec Valley and El Picacho peak on the other side of Volcan San Salvador.  Today, Anny Ruth runs Loma La Gloria farm and mill to control the process, quality, and traceability of all the beans that pass through.

Shade trees cover much of Loma La Gloria and are home to many species of birds, including Blue jays, Chiltotas, Torditos, Guacalchias, and Hummingbirds. The shade canopy helps control temperatures on the farm, maintaining the optimal climate to produce a desirable cup profile. The Belvedere Blends of Red Bourbon coffee cherries and processed three ways, as White Honey, Yellow Honey, and Naturals to showcase the mature flavors of Loma La Gloria's late bloom harvest. All Honey processing is conducted on raised beds where coffee is carefully monitored and turned as it dries.

In the cup: Mild, Berry Fruit, Toffee

El Salvador Medium Roast 1lb

  • El Salvador Finca El Gobiado Natural Bourbon GrainPro is sourced from Finca Gobiado, a family owned operation located near the town of Concepcion de Ataco in the Illamatepec mountain range within the department of Ahuachapan, El Salvador. The Alfaro family has been cultivating coffee for four generations on the 30-acre farm. This Arabica bourbon varietal is meticulously picked and sorted, and then placed on raised beds and turned regularly for more than 20

    days to ensure even drying. This coffee has a bourbon flavor with dark berry and toffee.