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Peru Medium Roast

Around 90,000 hectares of coffee farmland in Peru is certified organic, and it is one of the
places with the highest percentage of certified-organic exported coffee in the world. It is
estimated that 25–30% of the smallholder farmers in Peru are members of democratically
organized cooperatives and associations, making it easy to source FTO-certified lots. We are
extremely happy with the quality of the Fair-Trade Organic coffees we buy from La Macroregión
Norte in Peru. The coffees are usually depulped the same day they are harvested, and given a
12–18-hour open-air fermentation before being washed clean of mucilage. The Cup: Mild, with
rich cocoa and toffee flavors.

Peru Medium Roast

  • We buy coffee from the Jaén and Cajamarca regions in northern Peru, a region that enjoys a beneficial coffee climate typical of being near the equator. At altitudes above 3,000 feet the 100% Arabica bean, certified Fair Trade Organic coffee is high quality. The coffee comes from CENFROCAFE. They are one of the largest and strongest cooperatives in Peru, it's also one of the most organized, and producing the best quality coffee year in and year out. They
    have programs in place to increase production by providing organic fertilizers and in monitoring plant health on farms, which is very important with the prevalence of coffee-leaf rust in recent years. The roasters here have produced a rich clean coffee, full of aroma. Clean, mild, and citric with lemongrass flavors.

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