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Here at Horrocks, we source our coffee beans from the regions that they are grown in, from Fazenda Bela Época located in Ribeirão Corrente, São Paulo, Brazil to the COOPAC co-op in the northern landscape of Lake Kivu, Rwanda.


We freshly roast the beans we get from our farmers in-house to perfection in our small batches so that every sip of bliss you have is the best. From 12 countries, Hawaii and 45 different roasts, we are sure you’ll find the perfect roast for your morning cup of joy. 

Now you can have your favorite blends and single origin coffees shipped right to your house, no more waiting until your next visit to get your Horrocks coffee fix!

Only Horrocks branded Specialty Coffee is roasted and packaged onsite at our Lansing location.

Shipping & Handling costs are built into online prices. Items can be found for a cheaper price in store. 

(two-item order minimum on All orders)